Telecom Civil Work at Fiber NE POP

Damcon is currently building rooms for optical fiber cable data
centers all over Pakistan. The scope of work is given below

1. Designing

Detailed site survey and submission of proposal / construction/
as-built drawings of proposed civil works, including structural
feasibility report / SSC at roof-top sites.

2. Room Construction

Construction of new brick masonry room as per drawings
including excavation, RCC footing, brick-work, plinth beams,
plaster at internal & external sides, reinforced flooring above
compacted earth, RCC slab along-with roof treatment over slab
with proper slope and PVC pipe for water drainage, formwork &
shuttering (plywood), RCC with steel G-60.


3. Paint

Internal and external paint of equipment room with 3 coats plastic
emulsion. Weathercoat acrylic exterior finish on outer walls.

4. Steel Door

Steel door of size as per drawing with 16 gauge MS sheet
including door frame, hinges, heavy duty door closer, builtin steel
handle at both sides, gaskit for proper sealing, keylock, filling of
surface finish on both sides of door and applying 1 coat of primer
red oxide and 2 coats of synthetic enamel paint spray gun, etc.

5. Antistatic Venyl Tiles

Installation of new anti-static vinyl tiles inside equipment room
these tiles are conductive, anti-static, PVC based wtih copper strip
below them.

6. Galvanized Cable Bridge

Installation of galvanized cable bridge with 1 coat of primer and
2 coats of synthetic emamel paint from tower to room with firmly
fixed supports and its foundations.

7. Installation of Air Conditioners

Installation of DC Inverter SPLIT AC’s 24000BTU wall mounted
along with airconditioning control arrangement thermostats for
temp. control, AC timers and relays.

8. Fire Suppression System

Supply & installation of Fire Suppression System with UL listed

control panel, FM-200 cylinder fully automatic with ancillaries
as per NFPA standards.

9. Construction Diesel Generator Pad

Construction of Generator and fuel tank pad of 1500x3750mm
(RCC) as per drawings.

10. Fuel Tank 500 Liters

Provision & installation of fuel tank (500 L) with all ancillaries
and connections.

11. Power DB and ATS Panel

Provision and installation of indoor Power DB with Surge
Arrestor along-with all connections as per approved SLD (single
line diagram) with all necessary components circuit breakers,
ELCB, switches, AC timer / relays, tagging of breakers, Lock /
handle, 3 indication lights, voltmeter, Ammeter, Fuse, Neutral
& Ground connections etc. SPD Rating at full discharge current
100KA, Protection level 1.5KV, rated discharge current 25KA.
ATS Panel will all replays timers and Magnetic Contactors etc.

12. Cable Trays

Provision & installation of cable Tray 300mm wide perforated
galvanized inside room along-with 2 vertical drops, at 7.5ft
above FFL, including wall hangers.

13. Internal Grounding / Earthing

Complete internal Grounding of equipment room including
door, ATS & DB and cable tray etc. along with copper strips
37.5mmx5mm at 1ft above FFL with insulators @ 1m and its
connection with main site grounding.

14. Additional Items / Works


  • Provisioning of 02 holes in room walls for fiber cable entry.
  • Provision and installation of cable entry gland or Roxtec as
    per specifications.
  • Provision and installation of 6 mm 4-core power cable in PVC
    duct from DB till proposed rectifier location.
  • Provision and installation of 8-pair alarm cable (19AWG) from
    rectifier till alarm box with proper plastic tags / stickers.
  • Provision and installation of DDF type alarm box along-with all
    connections and tagging.
  • Complete Electrification of room and cabling at OD pad as per
  • Provision and installation of galvanized double stranded
    barbed wire.
  • Provision and installation of 50mm sq. earthing cable with
    all accessories